Unique Aquariums Environments To Put On Your Bucket List

Aquariums around the world attract many visitors and guests to experience underwater sights and habitats that were previously only view able to scuba divers in the world’s oceans. Aquariums are now being incorporated into commercial establishments and businesses around the world. They feature rare and common fish and creatures that exist at many different depths in the ocean. Aquariums can be filled with either salt water or fresh water with different underwater inhabitants in each distinct water culture. If you like fish and underwater creatures, these aquariums should be on your bucket list. Here are some of the interesting aquariums around the world that you can visit today:

  • Aquarium Restaurants – Circular aquarium restaurants are built around central aquarium cores where diners can eat dinner and watch underwater creatures swim and chase each other in an aquarium tank. Several times a day, scuba divers come into the aquarium tanks and feed the different species of fish, rays, sharks, jellyfish, eels, crabs and lobsters.
  • Aquarium Hotels – Individual guests rooms in aquarium hotels have 2 – 3 floor-to-ceiling aquariums “walls” in each room with different species of fish swimming in each. Guest bedrooms have a panoramic view of a soothing aquarium right in their room. Aquarium lights in individual guest rooms are timed to go on and off with sunrise and sunset to give hotel guests and aquarium creatures natural hours of darkness in which to sleep.
  • Aquarium Exhibits – Aquariums in many countries feature glass walking tunnels that wander through huge aquarium tanks with sharks, manta rays, and other exotic fish. Coral reefs and sea vegetation grow inside the aquarium exhibits to give smaller fish and crustaceans protection and a place to hide. Aquarium visitors can walk through the massive array of tunnels or sit on benches inside the tunnels for an extended view of the underwater life.
  • Immersion Aquariums – Immersion aquariums allow visitors to wade into water that is 3 – 4′ deep on one side of an aquarium tank. While wading in the water, the visitors can touch trained dolphins and play catch with them with brightly colored rubber balls. Visitors also have the opportunity to hold on to a dolphin’s dorsal fin and be towed around the aquarium tank. Another type of immersion aquarium features capsule-shaped pods that rise from the bottom of large aquarium tanks and allow visitors to stand inside and be inside of an aquarium without actually going into the water. These immersion aquariums give visitors an extremely close 360º view of the fish and creatures that live in the aquarium.

Unique aquarium environments have been built in many different countries around the world. They are all different and offer many companion exhibits such as penguin and seal habitats. These unusual aquariums are as educational as they are entertaining. Look for extraordinary aquariums when you travel in different parts of the globe.

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