3 Amazing Acrobatic Horse Riding Tricks

While watching television one night, you came across a channel airing a rodeo. In an instant, you became enthralled with the dangerous tricks some of the riders were performing. Now, you want to learn more about this exciting sport. If this scenario sounds familiar, you should start familiarizing yourself with the following 3 amazing acrobatic horse riding tricks.

Roman Riding

Roman riding is one of the most recognizable horse riding stunts performed on the rodeo circuit. This trick involves a rider standing on two horses. One foot rests on one horse while the other foot is placed securely on the other horse. In addition to this amazing feat of balance, riders will sometimes whirl a flag or complete dance moves while engaging in Roman riding.


The stand stunt requires the rider to move from a sitting position to a standing one atop the horse. To accomplish this difficult task, you must:

  • Change from a sitting position to one resting on your shins.
  • Quickly stand up on top of the horse and let go of the reins.
  • Straighten your body and bend the knees slightly.
  • Hold both arms straight out.
  • Remain in this position until your horse completes 4 paces.



One of the most graceful and acrobatic horse riding stunts performed is the scissors. This trick requires you to:

  • Move from a sitting position to one standing on the hands atop the horse.
  • Curl the outer leg under the inner one.
  • Twist and sit back down on the horse with your body facing the back of the animal’s body.
  • The entire procedure is completed in reverse with the rider curling the inner leg under the outer one.
  • You should land gracefully on the horse’s back with your body facing the animal’s head.


To achieve a good score in a competitive event, a rider needs to twist high in the air and land smoothly back onto the horse.

If you are new to horse riding tricks, you may be in awe at the type of stunts completed in rodeo circuits. Riders must practice diligently, have unshakable balance, and trust their horses. Roman riding, the stand, and the scissors are a few of the death-defying tricks you might see while watching your next rodeo.