Tomisato Central Park: Horse riding experience at the birthplace of pure Japanese horse breeds

Try horse riding at the birthplace of pure Japanese horse breeds

Tomisato City, Chiba Prefecture, used to be the home of the Shimofusa Imperial Farm under the control of the Imperial Japanese Administration. During the Meiji period (1868-1912), this farm became the first place to import and breed racehorses in Japan. There are a number of farms and places in the area where you can experience horse riding. In particular, around Tomisato Horse Park, there are many restaurants specializing in serving delicious specialties. So you can relax all day with horses.

Enjoy the views of the four seasons while riding a horse through the woods

A horse-riding club located right next to the racehorse ranch, Tomisato Horse Park’s vast campus consists of four large and small riding fields, three grasslands and a walking track. Take a leisurely horseback ride around the walking path while admiring the seasonal natural landscape of Tomisato like cherry blossoms in spring and red leaves in autumn. Fully equipped with showers and changing rooms, the club building regularly hosts interesting events such as a barbecue on the front lawn.

Enjoy Tomisato specialties at the equestrian club restaurant

Enjoy food on the terrace of the Cucina Tokionese Cozima Italian restaurant overlooking a horsebackground amidst rich natural surroundings. This restaurant serves a variety of dishes, made with local produce and organic vegetables grown on a natural farm. The dishes are made with a variety of seasonal vegetables such as Tomisato veggie pate and pasta with organic vegetables. The horse riding and walking combo is a unique menu that includes a delicious meal and a casual horse-riding experience.

Drop your soul into the nostalgic landscape in the countryside

The scenery of the rice field changes dramatically with the seasons, such as the scene of growing rice in spring, a green carpet of rice in summer and a field filled with golden rice in autumn. After riding, try to explore the area around this rice field. Alternatively, if you walk along Highway 409 towards the town of Yachimata from Tomisato Horse Park, a giant watermelon-shaped gas tank (a Tomisato specialty) is sure to keep your eyes off.