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US Sports Shock: Doping Abuse with Racehorses for Fraud

American sports were shocked by the news that 27 horse racing coaches, veterinarians and support staff were charged with building a complex horse racing doping process to cheat the gamblers.

A statement issued by the Justice Department on Tuesday said the defendants, including top coach Jason Servis, who controlled the championship horse, Maximum Security, participated in a plan designed to cheat gamblers and rob profits from the $ 100 billion horse racing industry.

Prosecutors said investigators uncovered evidence of cruel and inhumane treatment of 27 horses accused of fraud. An indictment said that Servis, who coached Maximum Racing, finished first in the Kentucky Derby last year and was subsequently disqualified, possessed performance-enhancing drugs for all racing horses under his control.

Maximum Security won $ 10 million from the Saudi Cup opening race last month. This is the richest horse race in the world in Saudi Arabia.

Today, the disclosure of four indictments about the horse doping scandal is the largest ever prosecution by the Ministry of Justice. The defendants who participated in and committed these acts were not for the love of sport, and certainly not for the concern of horses, but for money. The horses themselves paid for the greed of the defendants.

According to AFP, the four indictments announced on Tuesday included a series of offenses and detailed drugs that were mixed and misbranded in an effort to improve horse racing performance. William F. Sweeney, assistant director of the FBI office in New York, said the substances supplied to horses made them run faster than allowed by nature but increased the risk of injury. What actually happened to these horses was none other than abuse. They have experienced heart problems, overworked lead to broken legs, increased risk of injury and in some cases death.

Doping abusive race horses have earned a great deal of money at races in New York, New Jersey, Florida, Ohio, Kentucky (USA) and the UAE. One of the 27 accused, coach Jorge Navarro, is said to have trained and cheated doping with XY Jet, a thoroughbred horse that won the 2019 Golden Shaheen race in Dubai. XY Jet after taking performance boosters died in January due to a heart problem.

The US horse racing industry faces a big challenge (Part 2)

So why did 21 horses die in such a short time?

Rick Arthur, director of the equestrian health care agency of the state of California, pointed to a number of factors: heavy rainfall, exhausted horse numbers and impatience of coaches and race officials. when making the most of the remaining horses.

Heavy rains make it difficult to maintain the track, especially when leveling the ground to avoid puddles of water from seeping into the surface of the track. Imagine just how fragile racing horses with ankles just as slim as a bottle of Coke must move constantly on a poor-quality track.

The traditional California race track was closed on February 26 and 27 after the Breeders Dirt Cup Mile 2017 champion – Midway Naval Battle, was seriously injured during training. A race safety expert from the University of Kentucky – Mick Peterson, was brought to the scene to look for anomalies to explain the sudden increase in deaths.

Although could not find anything out of the ordinary. However, shortly after opening the door again, the racing horse Eskenforadrink became the 20th death, injured in a race and then freed by death.

Statistically, at least, coaches in California seem to be more demanding of their horses. Santa Anita’s horse racing currently has an average of 3.02 exercises per start, compared to 0.88 for the horses at Gulfstream Park in Florida and 0.42 at the Aqueduct in New York, according to Equibase horse racing news site.

Health expert Rick Arthur believes that the rules and vigilance of the authorities can be followed during the morning training hours, when 9 of the deaths occur at this time. When a horse is about to enter a race, it will be tested by a veterinarian for medical conditions and drug testing.

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When Santa Anita officials try to figure out why their race is so dangerous, they will also have to deal with public opinion. Animal rights activists have conducted protests outside the racetrack, even animal rights advocacy organization PETA has called on California Governor Gavin Newsom to close the racetrack and ask lawyers in Los Angeles. Angeles launched an investigation into the use of drugs to conceal horse racing injuries.