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Horse Racing Around the World (part 2)

The best in history is probably the Secretariat, who won all three Triple Crown competitions in 1973 with a new record speed so far unbroken, running 1 1/4 miles at 1’59 2 / 5 “, Preakness (more than 1900m) with 1’53 2/5”. Everyone is convinced that this is really the speed of victory of Secretariat instead of 1’54 2/5 “. So far this issue is constantly being debated. By 2012, thanks to advanced technology, ban ran Pimlico to revise the Preaknes horse speed in 1973 through film to redefine the speed, and agreed, correcting the Secretariat’s speed to 1’53 “, which is the new record (?) of the Preakness.

But best of all is the Belmont (1 and a half miles, over 2400 meters) far ahead of the horse to 31 for their horse speed at 2’24 “. Secretariat was elected the Horse of the Year at the age of 2 years old ( 1972 and 3 years old (1973) Secretariat retired as a “stallion” After two years of racing, Secretariat made all 21 appearances, to the level of 17 times before (but was considered 16 because of the tournament). Champagne Stake even though Secretariat won, but because of the driver’s fault to collide with another horse, he was then relegated to second place; second to second; third to one time; fourth to first (first match).

In the defeat of Secretariat, the truth is not due to the poor horse, but by the risk. The first match was due to clumsy control of the Secretariat to be stuck, not in a good position, so when it was time to go up, there was no way out. The Champagne Stakes, which should have been won, were knocked out of second place. Battle of Wood Memorial, Secretariat was ill, not yet recovered, should not have run. The match of Whitney Handicap and Woodward Stakes, which should have been Secretariat, should not have been played, because they did not wear 100% of their strength.

In addition to the Triple Crown, the current biggest prize in the United States is the Breeders’ Cup, which is usually held at the end of the year. The tournament has only started since 1984. Starting in 2008, the Breeders’ Cup will include all 14 degrees for 2 consecutive days, for all ages of steed with a total sum of above. 20 million dollars. Nowadays, Breeders’ Cup has become an important prize to decide more than lose for the gods to win the Horse of the Year honor!