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At the age of 92 and 97, the Queen of England and her husband still ride horse

Age was no barrier to UK Queen and her husband riding horse outside Windsor Castle. The Queen is 92 years old and her husband-Duke of Edinbourg is 97 years old. But Queen Elizabeth and the Duke still know how to enjoy life.

The royal couple appeared energetic, very healthy in the vast space outside Windsor Castle. The Queen rode her beloved pony, and the Duke controlled a carriage. The foal is tied with a rose in its ear, a royal symbol.

The queen wore a warm blue jacket and headscarf to fight the cold of November and rode around the castle’s forest. The sight satisfied the royal admirers, because without a doubt, the Queen’s health is very good.

The Queen of England and Prince Philip were married in 1947. After more than 70 years of marriage, their marriage is still admired by many things. Although they had met before at the cousin’s wedding and King George’s coronation, the princess actually fell in love with Prince Philip during a tour at Naval University.

At that time, Elizabeth was only 13 years old, arranged to accompany her parents and sister to meet some practitioners. However, the school suddenly broke out with mumps and chicken pox.


Elizabeth’s father, King George VI, was hesitant about the marriage between the two, because he was afraid his daughter was too young; moreover, Philip was also the first man the princess loved. So the Royal waited until Elizabeth turned 21 to officially announce the wedding.

Prince Philip at that time was the only one who did not get sick, came and took the two princesses for a walk. They play jumping over the tennis net together. Elizabeth’s impression was so deep that she once said, “He really danced very high”.

In the early years after marriage, the Royal Highness was stationed in Malta to serve the Navy, and the Queen followed her husband. At that time, their two children, Prince Charles and Princess Anne, remained in England. The Queen’s wife and husband also go on trips together without bringing their children because they are too young.