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Schumacher’s daughter became a horse racing champion

If youngest Mick Schumacher started his career in racing, his eldest daughter Gina-Maria Schumacher just won the championship in a show horse race.

Unlike his younger brother, Gina Maria Schumacher chose to express herself in the sport of aristocratic horse racing. This year 21 years old but Gina has been practicing horse racing for 6 years with experience competing in amateur tournaments in Switzerland. In 2017, Gina asserted herself to be a caliber jockey when winning convincingly at the FEI World Reining Championships and winning a gold medal.

Schumacher carried Gina as a child and the image of the young rider who won the show-riding championship in 2017.

Gina has won a gold medal at the FEI World Reining Championships, a fairly large-scale amateur horse race that has just taken place in Switzerland. In the final round, Gina excelled under the support of Corinna’s mother, Mick’s younger brother, grandfather Rolf Schumacher and grandmother Gabriele Betsch. The skill of controlling the horse well and beautifully helped Gina received the warm applause of more than 1,400 spectators.

Gina is 20 years old, but has been practicing horse racing for 5 years. Schumacher’s eldest daughter regularly participates in horse riding tournaments hoping to step into the professional playing field in the future. Mick, the younger brother, is more famous than his sister when he embarks on the path of his father. The 18-year-old driver is currently a member of the Formula 3 racing team Prema Powerteam. Mick is now in the sights of Ferrari’s famous Formula 1 team. In the near future, the son of the legendary German racer will appear on the playground where his father has won the world championship seven times.

The sports success of Gina and Mick is a great comfort for Corinna, who has suffered a lot since his husband had a tragic accident on a skiing road in December 2013. in Meribel (France). For the past 4 years, Corinna has been staying by her bedside every day, waiting for miracles to happen. After a traumatic brain injury, Michael Schumacher escaped from a coma in 2014, but he was still bedridden and unable to communicate.

The outstanding success in the sport of the two children is the greatest consolation for Corinna Betsch Schumacher – the wife of the ill-fated racer has suffered a lot of loneliness and hardship since Michael had a tragic accident on a skiing track . For many years, Corinna was always with her husband and applied physical therapy in the hope that Michael would be able to communicate again soon.