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List of sports related to horse riding skills

Today, many sports, such as dressage, eventing and high jump, are all derived from military training. This is focused on the control and balance between equestrian and equine. Or another sport, such as rodeo jumping, which horseback riders keep from falling when horses tossing and jumping are common in Spain, Mexico and then the United States, Canada, South America and Australia. Or sporty hunting style.

A trained horse is a great athlete. Most horses are not normal, they can trot for hours without rest. A suitable quarter horse can sprint a quarter mile (402 meters) in less than 21 seconds and can jump a fence over seven feet (2.1 meters) tall. Equestrian sports do most of the skills, so also motivate the athletes to perfect good skills when becoming a horse rider.

In a sporting event, people and horses have to work together to achieve maximum success. In horseback riding history, the riders must be trained in professional skills in games and races. Equestrian sports provides entertainment for the crowd. The Horse Council in the US estimates that horse related activities have a direct impact on the US economy of over $ 39 billion and indirect spending is considered to have an impact of more than $ 102 billion.

One of the favorite sports games in many countries is horse racing, horse racing brings excitement, refreshment, money for betting people. Horses have great economic influence. About 4.6 million Americans work in horses-related industry one way or another. The US horse industry is estimated to have an economic impact of up to US $ 39 billion annually.

Through the saliva test of 130 teenagers taking a 12-week horseback riding course, the study found that those who spent the time relaxing with these four-legged animals had significantly lower levels of stress hormone than with the control group. Interacting with animals has a good impact on children, they have 90 minutes a week learning how to brush horse and horse and provide saliva samples before and after the course for scientists to analyze the concentration cortisol stress hormone. Those who participated in the program maintained low stress hormone levels throughout the day and afternoon compared to the rest.