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The new horse riding entertainment of Koreans

Acordding Agency Korea News, at Mirim riding club near the capital Pyongyang, North Korea on October 15 organized horse races and attracted many followers, Reuters reported.

North Korea Radio and Television Station KCT said the government allowed citizens aged 12 and over to observe and participate in betting on horse-drawn athletes in the form of lottery.

Pictures published by KCNA show that hundreds of people participated in the monitoring of horse races and recorded by smartphone the sight of brave white horses rushing to their destination.

Mirim horse riding club is planned to be developed by Korea from a military horse racing school since 2012 and recently completed, according to KCNA.

According to Uri Tours website, an American company that organizes tours to Korea, Mirim Racecourse includes an indoor training facility, seven outdoor riding classes, a motel, restaurant and room. sauna with 120 horses, including 67 Orlov Trotters, precious horse breeds originating from Russia.

Also according to the website, the entrance fee is about 35 USD, including an hour of horseback riding with a guide, necessary riding equipment and sauna access. Prices for Koreans may be lower, about 10 USD.

The head of the Korea Industrial-Economic Research Institute based in Seoul, Korea, is not only an entertaining tournament for Koreans. Mr. Na said that people often criticize North Korean leader Kim Jong-un about building frivolous constructions such as amusement parks, resorts, racetracks while Pyongyang’s economy remains difficult.

However, this is an action when the Korean government on one hand developed entertainment facilities for the benefit of the people, on the other hand created foreign currency revenue for Pyongyang.

Korea’s foreign currency earnings have recently been affected by a series of sanctions from the United Nations, which has been imposed to contain Pyongyang’s nuclear ambitions, including banning exports of commodities. strengths such as coal, textile and seafood.