English Riding

3 Characteristics of Elegant English Riding

During a recent visit to your doctor, your physician warned you about your high blood pressure reading. Since relaxation exercises were recommended, you are considering taking up horseback riding. If you can relate, you should consider learning 3 characteristics of elegant English riding.

The Wardrobe

Are you interested in fashion? If so, you will probably enjoy dressing up in proper English riding apparel. Donning a crisp new outfit might inspire you to learn the techniques associated with this riding style. A proper English rider’s outfit includes a helmet or hunt cap. A hunt cap is a small hat that is usually mad out of black velvet. English riders also wear tailored jackets and shirts, long pants, and riding boots.

Posting the Trot

After purchasing your English riding gear, you will be ready to learn the most important aspect of this riding style, posting the trot. This riding technique involves lifting your body above the saddle periodically during your horse’s trots. To master this technique, you should:

  • Practice in an area where your horse will follow a straight line.
  • Lift yourself slowly off your saddle concentrating on using your muscles.
  • Bring your horse to a trot.
  • Start timing your horse’s trotting patterns.
  • Time leaving and returning to the saddle to every other stomp of your horse’s front legs.
  • Hold the reins in both of your hands.


After purchasing the proper riding attire and mastering posting the trot, you may be interested in learning about dressage. This sport is an Olympic competition. However, any rider can practice the basic principles of dressage including training your horse to be more:

  • Responsive to your commands
  • Balanced when maneuvering
  • Flexible when jumping

If you want to learn how to maneuver a horse, English riding provides a fun and graceful alternative to other styles. Before beginning your journey, consider buying the proper riding apparel. Learning to post the trot is a must. Dressage is a great way to become more in tune with your horse.