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Racer – Interesting stories of horse racing athletes

Horse racing is a sport that has survived for many centuries. This is considered the most unique and magnificent Royal sport. Currently, horse racing is being paid special attention by Western countries. According to, because it offers many wonderful and interesting things not only for riders – athletes. But they also give special people more new hopes.

But to become a real horse driver is really difficult. Because horse drivers need special experience and learn many problems. In it, for example, how to climb on horseback, sitting posture so that it is comfortable, how to pull the reins. Or how to interact and control the speed of a racing horse.

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In particular, riders need to know how to handle situations during racing. Otherwise they will greatly affect the racing process and make the operator easily injured. In the world in general there are many famous people in this horse racing field. Among them are the legendary athletes such as Pippa Funnell, Charlotte Duardi, Mary King, Reed Kessler, Beezie Madden.

In particular, riders need to know how to handle situations during racing. Otherwise they will greatly affect the racing process and make the operator easily injured.

In the world in general there are many famous people in this horse racing field. Among them are the legendary athletes such as Pippa Funnell, Charlotte Duardi, Mary King, Reed Kessler, Beezie Madden.

In the tiny country of Haiti to help disabled children, autistic children with horses have been formed. Here the athletes have built a riding area for people with disabilities. They helped the children directly contact and experience this exciting sport. During the riding process, the athletes will guide and tutor them. The time that they can practice riding is between 15 and 30 minutes.

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After practicing, they can confide and talk to the horses. This will help you have more passion, hope and release your body. To help you be more optimistic in this arduous life. Moreover, horse riding is a very good treatment for the body. They can help relax the tendons, create concentration and support autism treatment.

Number 1 in the United States: The racing horse won $ 8.6 million

The famous American race horse named American Pharoah is about to retire after becoming the first horse in the US to win the Grand Slam noble award on horse racing. So far, this horse has won many awards with a total value of up to 8.6 million USD.

On October 31, horse rider Victor Espinoza rode American Pharoah and won the Breeders Cup Classic at the Keeneland horse race. After this race, American Pharoah officially stopped his horse racing career after successively setting records for horse racing.

The horse was also the first horse to win the grand prize named Grand Slam after he won four consecutive awards at horse races, including a Breeders’ Cup and three other prizes at Kentucky Derby horse races. , Preakness Stakes and Belmont Stakes.

Chú ngựa American Pharoah và giành giải Breeders Cup Classic tại cuộc đua ngựa ở Keeneland

Pharoah was the first horse to win three consecutive prizes during 37 years, and was also the first horse to win this achievement since the Breeders’ Cup was first held in 1984.

Pharoah’s achievements also bring glory to the owner of this horse, the Zayat family. They transferred the custody of American Pharoah to the Coolmore horse breeding organization at an undisclosed price for Pharoah’s victory at the Kentucky Derby, accompanied by terms if Pharoah was honored three times in a row. And in accordance with this agreement, Pharoah will be transferred to Coolmore after he won the Breeders’ Cup.

Many long-time horse racing and horse-owners have campaigned for Pharoah to retire after three consecutive victories to avoid the risk of injury to the horse. However, the Zayat family insists that Pharoah is a super rare winning horse and can restore horse racing if it continues to win. And finally they were right.

Zayat said, Pharoah officially retired on Monday (November 2) and the horse had awards worth $ 8.65 million during his racing life. Among them, $ 8.2 million was won in 2015 – Triple Crown worth more than $ 4 million and the Breeder’s Cup prize was $ 2.75 million.

When retired, American Pharoah will rest at the horse farm in Versailles, in the state of Kentucky.Pharoah will start mating in February 2016 and Zayat said the cost for each mating is about 200,000 – 250,000 USD. It is estimated that Pharoah will bring in more than 20 million USD per year from breeding.

Come to Japan to see the Archery Horse Riding Festival

Autumn is the peak season of Japanese tourism not only because of the natural scenery, but the love poems are collected but also because in this period there are many special festivals. Yabusame festival is one of the autumn festivals of Phu Tang, attracting a lot of visitors’ attention.

Yabusame originated in the 6th century, when the situation in the country was more chaotic and difficult. Before this situation, the emperor prayed at a temple and he rode on a horse and shot at three targets as a prayer for the country to be at peace.

Một kỵ sĩ nhắm bắn vào tấm bia đầu tiên. Ảnh: Internet

The Kamakura period (1192-1338) marked the beginning of the application of samurai rules in Japan. When the government gave full authority to Kamakura at the end of the 12th century, Yabusame rituals were performed at almost every major festival in the country and became a meeting. Official annual ceremony.

Yabusame festival is seen as a way for nobles to train their samurai, but has gradually developed into a religious ritual. The tournament is considered a sacred event and the archers are led by a Shinto priest to the starting line. Initially, the competition was how nobles trained their Samurai.

However, even now, women can participate in the competition. To complete their test, each archer must hit three arrows on the target while riding a horse. Therefore, this new festival is called Archery Horse Riding.

Các kỵ sĩ phải cưỡi ngựa chạy với tốc độ cao trên đoạn đường 255 mét và bắn hạ 3 tấm bia dọc đường. Ảnh: Internet

To this day, all preparations for Yabusame are not different from the rituals that were first held in the 12th century, from costume suits, Katana swords to bows and arrows to recreate a historical period of the Land of Tang. On the race, the knights had to take down three wooden steles one after another along the racetrack.

Those steles that are mounted at the altitude represent a weak point of a cavalry: head or eye, about 2 meters above the ground, just below the hat. The first beer is mounted 30 meters from the beginning of the racetrack, the second, 75 meters after the first beer and the last 75 meters after the second.

The three judges will award the archers based on the number The target is hit. The prize for the winner is a white cloth, symbolizing the blessing that comes from the Shinto gods.

The fever rode the horse story sticks of Finnish girls

The hobby of riding horse‘s story was spread in Finland after many years of underground development and is now popular both abroad.

Fanny Oikarinen, 11 years old, plays with her horse-head club. Fanny lives in a village north of Helsinki, the Finnish capital. Unlike girls who reach puberty, Fanny does not care about taking good looks and is loved by everyone. She played at home with horse-head sticks in her own world without adults or boys.

Maisa Wallius, Fanny’s friend, practiced near the house for summer competitions. Fanny and Maisa Wallius are practicing together and choreographing two parts of the horseback riding song performed by rapper Nelly’s song.

Fanny and Maisa ride horse heads in the forest near the house. When asked what kind of girls would love to ride a horse’s head, Maisa answered that it was girls who liked sports, some girls were really lonely and some might be the coolest girls in the school.

Alisa Aarniomaki makes hand-sewn horse head at home in Helsinki. It is unknown when the fever of riding a horse in Finland started when it spread for years before the adults realized.

When Aarniomaki was 12 years old, some classmates found her practicing in the forest and teasing her for childish games. The teenage girls invented the form of riding a horse’s head, in which the rider lowered his body and galloped like a horse, while his upper body was still.

“Girls are allowed to be strong and wild. I think the society began to shape them into a quiet way when they reached puberty,” Vilhunen, author of the documentary film “Horsehead Revolution”, told by the New York Times.

A little girl performed in Helsinki’s horse riding riding competition in March. Popular horse riding rides are popular throughout Finland with the national championship held every summer and Aarniomaki is an unofficial spokesperson.

Medieval horse riding festival attracts thousands of tourists in Italy

Every summer, Siena province, Italy twice welcomed tourists here to attend the medieval horse racing style Palio. The Palio horse racing is famous for not having any rules except that the racer is not allowed to influence the opponent’s reins. Horse riders do not use the saddle, the whip can be used to whip horses or lash each other. Many people said they were impressed with this competition by its medieval style.

Under the summer sun, tens of thousands of viewers were still willing to cheering and waiting for hours just to watch the race only take 90 seconds. The fact that tourists faint at this festival often happens. Since the 13th century, this race is held annually on July 2 and August 16. In the past, this was the training of the army of the ancient Romans. In the first time this festival took place, the competitor used the cow, then the trick then went to the horse. Today, 10 of the 17 districts in Siena province are represented.

The 17 Siena counties will go through a lottery to decide if the team will be involved. 10 lucky districts will be able to choose a representative to compete for, but not to choose a horse. People and horses can only meet four days before the fight. The name Palio in Italian means “flag”. This is also the only reward for the winner of the race. This famous event is meant to honor the Virgin Mary.

In addition, the winner will celebrate by sucking a pacifier or drinking with a bottle, the wish to show that he has been revived. Meanwhile, the runner-up was more despised than the last one. Before the official race took place, there will be 6 test races the previous few days for the horses to get used to the track and the crowd. The race officially took place around 19pm with 3 laps around the square. In a very short time of 90 seconds, the race created a very stressful, suspenseful mood for viewers.