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What to prepare when participating in horseback riding

Horse riding is a difficult technical sport, requiring riders to coordinate the movements and coordinate with the horse to be able to ride the horse in the best way and avoid injury.

Before entering the training ground, students must wear a helmet, shoes, instructions on hand, head and neck boots to avoid injuries that may occur during practice. At the same time, on the saddle, everyone warms their hands, head, neck, shoulders, hips to avoid injuries that may occur during training. The booting takes quite a bit of time. Before practicing, students must perform warm-up movements on horseback: turning arms, shoulders, neck, and at the same time, learners also learn to reflect falling positions to minimize injuries.

After the warm-up exercises, students can control the horse by themselves. Before entering the training ground, students must wear a helmet and shoes. The rider must wear a helmet, athletic shoes on a horse, and be instructed by the trainer on how to use the reins and movements to control the horse to turn left, turn right, stop. Students are allowed to ride a few laps around the yard, the horses are firmly seated in the yard and they will be with the students throughout the lesson to keep the reins and balance. Each student himself entered the barn to choose a horse that he liked and then built the saddle.

To be able to control the horse proficiently, students must practice 2 sessions/week for a minimum of 6 months. With difficult techniques such as riding an obstacle course, it takes students more than a year to be eligible to attend because this technique is very difficult. Every week the students had to change their horses to practice their progress because each horse was a different personality.

At the advanced level, students are taught difficult movements such as hurdles, hurdles. Practitioners sitting on horseback focused to perform very rhythmic and beautiful movements, sometimes bending backwards, sometimes bringing their knees up to the horses’ feet, letting the horses gallop quickly, run around. The movements are done decisively according to the coach’s breathing rhythms.

Basic riding techniques you should know

In the opinion of the teachers, the basic riding technique in general is quite difficult. Because they don’t just depend on the will of the rider. It also depends in part on how to capture tips to control the horse.

Therefore, to be able to ride a horse for the first time, you should keep in mind the following main points:

Climb on horseback

When you climb on a horse, you need to stand beside the horse and hold the reins in your left hand. You then put your left foot on the pedals of the saddle and then turn the right foot to climb. While climbing, be sure to lower yourself down to the saddle to avoid startling.

Keep your feet balanced

Often, many first-time horsemen use the method of riding their feet on the side of the horse. However, this is completely wrong because they will affect the horse control. Therefore, it is best to gently touch the side of the horse with the foot. At the same time, your knees should be bent and the heel lower than your toes.

Balance sitting technique

The next horse riding technique that you need to grasp no matter what condition is sitting on balance. If you do not know how to sit properly, it is difficult to contact the horse. Moreover, the horse will find it more difficult to carry you on your back.

Therefore, to be effective, sit upright and create a 90-degree angle and heel on the pedal. If you find it difficult to recognize, you can imagine having a straight line behind you. This will help your body distribute your weight more evenly.

Wear protective gear before riding

The equestrian technique is also one of the interesting issues about how to ride without falling and how to choose a pure horse when riding without harming you. So how to make love cards to see if it is good for you or not to find a suitable mate for you is not a difficult problem. Simplicity requires you to persevere.

Besides, when riding horses, you should limit your spine to be bent. At the same time always give yourself a relaxed, happy and stress-free mood. Because when you sit improperly and your mood is tense, the horse is also nervous. From there they will not control the speed and can run faster at the beginning.

Best Horse Riding Destinations in Italy (Part 2)

Often known as Italy’s green heart, Umbria features a fresh green landscape which is popular as even more authentic than its neighboring Tuscany. You’ll be breathless by this region’s stunning panoramic hilltop views despite being small in terms of area. There are countless number of attractive relaxing horse riding trails that allow riders even beginners to explore the whole region in a short period of time.

Umbria boasts plenty of trails passing through soft rolling hills, olive groves, terraced vineyards and quiet wood paths where you will explore with the local expert guides and a well-trained horse best suited for your skill level.

As a rural region, in Umbria horses is companion to locals, the means of transportation; hence, you can rest assured knowing that the horses you’ll ride are well-groomed and cared for.
More experience riders will absolutely enjoy discovering Umbria’s hilltop castles and monasteries, beautiful valleys covered with wild poppies and small villages located around the tranquil Trasimeno lake. Within close distance easy to reach on horseback, you’ll be able to visit the cities of Spoleto, Assisi, Perugia and Orvieto.
Some extra activities must-include are truffle hunting, visiting the vineyards and tasting the exquisite local wines and hand-made cheese. 

Tip: Arrange time to visit magnificent Cascata Delle Marmor, the world’s highest man-made waterfall built by ancient Romans, managed by the power plant and being turned on and off a few times a day to demonstrate to visitors about its spectacular full flow.

How to get there:
The best airports to land on are Rome (FCO and CIA) and Perugia (PEG) which are well reach by train to Spoleto, where there are various riding centers offer pick-up and drop-off services. Due to the close distances to Rome, visitors might want to combine horse riding adventure with sightseeing in The Eternal City before or after the trip.

Best Horse Riding Destinations in Italy (Part 1)

Featured gorgeous weather, beautiful scenery, rich cultural heritage, delicious cuisine and exceptional wines, it’s hard to resist visiting Italy at least once in your life.

A long tradition of horseback riding dating back to ancient and a internationally passion for horses make Italy even more attractive for hoé riding enthusiasts. Are you ready to discover everything this “Bel Paese” (beautiful country) has to offer? Saddle up and let steady Italian horses take you on a journey through the best horse riding destination of Italy.


Have you ever look at Val d’Orcia by Van Gogh? This and many other of his paintings have been inspired by Tuscany’s tranquil countryside scenery featuring yellow-brown fields and lush green hillside.

This serene hillside region is perfect for riding through remote rural trails, vineyards, olive groves, farms and trees, while breathing in the fresh scent of wild herbs in the air. On your way, you’ll explore charming medieval villages and fortresses hidden away in the hillsides. Some of the famous iconic villages that of a must-do visit include Talamone, Orbetello and Monte Argentario. A horse riding holiday in Tuscany is highly recommended for those who dream about leaving their busy day-to-day lives in picturesque countryside.

In Tuscany, one can find horse riding holidays suitable for all levels, from first-timers to advanced riders. However, since there are too many accessible trails and stables with calm, and well-trained horses, this region is particularly ideal for beginners who are looking to develop their horsemanship and skills quickly.

While Tuscany is fairly huge region, one of the most beautiful areas for the ultimate horse riding experience is the Maremma region, featuring the medieval city of Grosseto as a starting point. From that, journey through rust-colored tracks and grassy hills, pass through winding avenues with chestnut, almond and fig trees and experience some horseback-swimming in the clear water.

Tips to look like an expert in saddle (part 2)

6. Do not hold the saddle horn to stay still

When practice horse riding in the USA or Mexico, you are likely to find a saddle horn in your saddle which you can hold on to while riding – but really you should not depend on the saddle horn to keep your balance. In case you feel unstable, keep balance by adjusting your posture, extending your legs further or holding the reins more gently. Anything but the saddle horn should be used for that.

Because if you let yourself depend on the saddle horn to keep balance, when there is an unexpected situation happening, this is a much ineffective position to keep your balance and you are more likely to fall hard to the ground. That’s the reason why you should never get used to holding the saddle horn even if you are just walking. It’s better to learn properly how to stay balance from the start than developing bad habits that could harm you in the long run.

Remember also that in the UK or other countries in Europe, saddles are usually not attached with saddle horns but you should also avoid holding onto the front of the saddle for keeping balance.

7. Keep your eyes where you are riding the horse

Don’t fix your eye on your horse while you ride. No matter how beautiful he is, riders must always keep eyes on the trail. Fixing your gaze at your horse would be similar to pay attention to the hood of your car while ignoring the road ahead which surely no one would want to be in a car with such uncertain driver.

Instead you should look ahead through the horse’s ears, keeping sight on the path while holding a straight posture, which should be enough to have a safe trail riding trip.

Travel Dubai to enjoy Meydan racecourse

Dubai is known as a very rich kingdom. This is a tourist destination that everyone wants to come to in life.

Not only famous for famous destinations, but Dubai tourist attractions also bring you interesting experiences with the most outstanding works.

In today’s article, we will introduce to you the Meydan racecourse – an extremely unique tourist destination.

Meydan Racecourse is one of the Dubai tourist attractions that attract the attention of a large number of international visitors. The racetrack was opened in 2010, known as the largest and most expensive place in the world. The venue of the racetrack is located in Meydan, Dubai City, United Arab Emirates.

According to estimates, the cost to conduct the construction of the racetrack is about $ 1.5 billion. Meydan racecourse can accommodate up to 60 thousand people. In March each year, there is often the Dubai World Cup horse racing. If you travel to Dubai to visit this place, you will feel the originality and attractiveness here with full service, the world’s largest.

In addition, in the racetrack there are hotels and accommodations of high class, museums, marinas on horse racing are very much interested by visitors. Most visitors to the resort will participate or watch the most luxurious horse racing.

In addition to 2 racetrack, Meydan racecourse also has 290 more hotels of the highest class, the museum stores data related to horse racing, beautiful marina that you cannot ignore when traveling to Dubai. The whole project is located on the premises of the capital Meydan. It has also become the center of many powerful companies around the world.

For people in Dubai, Meydan racecourse is considered a symbol and pride. It is also here that often hosts many different national and international tournaments. When coming to Dubai, visitors will be immersed in the exciting race absolutely free.

On March 30, the Dubai World Cup took place with the meeting of the best riders on the planet. The atmosphere here is extremely lively, the hospitality team will operate 24/7 to bring an outstanding event, class and service of the best type.

Besides the racetrack, visitors can also visit some famous tourist destinations such as Dubai World Trade Center, Dubai International Convention and Exhibition Center, Burj Dubai Tower,…

Meydan Racecourse is located in the province of Nad Al Sheba. This is one of the most romantic places that many people choose when traveling to Dubai. There are quite a lot of local restaurants, shopping shops very famous. If you are looking for some tourist attractions near the racetrack, you can visit the Dubai shopping center or Dubai fountain.

Besides, within 10km from the racetrack there are about 402 hotels that you can choose to rest. Depending on the needs of each person, you can choose the location that best suits.

Tips to look like an expert in saddle (part 1)

Mount with confidence

If you are not confident, the horse can sense it and become uneasy too. If you join a ranch vacation, you’ll find that the horses are commonly trained to allow people mount on the left side while your guide hold your horse’s head. But if that’s not the case, ask someone to hell so the horse doesn’t move while you get on him.
First, lifting your left foot into the stirrup, holding both of the reins with your left hand and lifting yourself up with your right leg to mount as smoothly as possible on the horde. Don’t push the horse down as this could hurt him; you can place your hands on his back but just for balancing.

Sit up straight and relaxed

Maybe you think that you can ride as fast as possible like the professional on TV but keep in mind that you’re beginner so the best position to keep control of your horse is to sit up straight, relax your back, hold the reins lightly and gently, set a foot in each stirrup, and keep balance to not make your horse feel like you are a heavier load.

Be gentle with the reins

Your horse riding technique might based on which style you’re learning, English or Western. In English riding, you hold a rein in each hand, while in Western riding you take both reins in one hand. Whichever your style, relax your arms and don’t pull too hard or you might make the horse feel painful. It’s also a good reason to lift the reins above your shoulder level so that your arms form right angles at the elbow.
To turn your horse to the left, move the left rein to the left in a movement like opening a door. In case you want to turn to the right, repeat the action with the right rein. To stop, just gently pull back and push the heels down.

The hobby of horse riding is skyrocketing in China

The Chinese super-rich not only spend billions to collect cars, luxury brands, travel around the world, but also play polo – a type of sport belonging to the luxury goods in the world.

Polo or custard (as the Chinese call it) is considered a noble sport originating from Persia. In this subject, the player has to ride the horse while cleverly hitting the ball into the opponent’s goal to win. Each modern polo match lasts about 2 hours.

The Indians modernized the sport and opened the first polo club in 1833 in Assam. Meanwhile, the British are believed to have spread popular polo to many countries around the world. Britain’s first Calcutta Polo Club was founded in 1862 by Lieutenant Joseph Sherer and Captain Robert Stewart. In the US, the first polo match was held at Dickle Riding Academy on Fifth Avenue.

This discipline is not too strange in China. In Chinese history, the Tang emperor (617 – 908AD) had chosen the best mares to organize an entertaining match with the aristocracy in the royal capital of Chang’an.

Since then, it has rarely been a player until a recent decade, polo has gradually changed and evolved into a sport that is particularly interested in the very rich and the rich. In China, polo is an elite sport that shows elegance, class and status that is only suitable for the luxurious lifestyle of the super rich.

Tianjin Goldin Polo Club, owned by Goldin Properties Holdings, is the most valuable polo club in the country and the favorite entertainment destination for the wealthy in China. since its inception. Membership of this club has a minimum price of 380,000 yuan (over 1.2 billion).

In addition to the large racecourse area, the venue also has 4,000 stables, an international academy of horse riding training, a domed stadium and a luxurious hotel system including 12 restaurants, a wine cellar serving only The most expensive wine in the world. It is also the venue for many global Polo tournaments.

The polo events organized in the form of tickets for guests are an opportunity to expand social relations but in reality, participants have everything in hand, money and position.

Despite the high costs, Polo is gaining a foothold, as China is getting richer, more and more Chinese are willing to spend large sums of money to play sports, especially for their children.

There are clubs around the country and to sponsor a team, you have to be extremely rich. Because players need to be equipped with good horses, large polo field, all kinds of high-end equipment and professional coaches. Therefore, the target market of this sport is mostly billionaires, wealthy businessmen and their children.

The appeal of the sport lies in the social aspect for those who like to ride horses and speed enthusiasts. It is really not just about the art of sports but also the style of the upper lifestyle.

Tips to Look Like an Expert in the Saddle

If you are thinking of going horse riding for the first time and you are nervous? Don’t be ashamed, it’s only natural to feel that when you’re near and about to ride a relatively large, living animal! 

It’s very crucial that you’re guided by an expert or a trained professional before you begin horse riding. Because not only they can provide the support or assistance that you need to be comfortable on a horse, but they can also teach you some riding tips that are suitable for beginners. You know, they were once a beginner too so they understand it quite well and will be able to relate to what you are going through and share their insights on what can be helpful to you while you learn to horse ride.

One lesson will not be sufficient for you to be able to ride a horse properly. In fact, one of the best ways to learn how to horse riding for the very first time is to participate in a horse riding holiday for beginners. During which, you will have plenty of time to not only build up your horse riding skills but also build up a relationship with your horse as well as other beginners horse riders through the experience.

To get started, here are some tips that’ll help you look like a horse riding pro:

Wear proper horse riding gear

Regardless of your riding style is Western or English riding, it is obvious that you don’t want to show up wearing a miniskirt, shorts, or sandals. Instead you would want to wear long pants and proper footwear such as any close-toed shoes or a pair of a low heeled boot to avoid slipping through the stirrups.

Don’t wear scarves, purses or any o accessory because that could get tangled in the horse, the saddle or even a tree. Lastly, remember to always wear a helmet to protect your head.

Schumacher’s daughter became a horse racing champion

If youngest Mick Schumacher started his career in racing, his eldest daughter Gina-Maria Schumacher just won the championship in a show horse race.

Unlike his younger brother, Gina Maria Schumacher chose to express herself in the sport of aristocratic horse racing. This year 21 years old but Gina has been practicing horse racing for 6 years with experience competing in amateur tournaments in Switzerland. In 2017, Gina asserted herself to be a caliber jockey when winning convincingly at the FEI World Reining Championships and winning a gold medal.

Schumacher carried Gina as a child and the image of the young rider who won the show-riding championship in 2017.

Gina has won a gold medal at the FEI World Reining Championships, a fairly large-scale amateur horse race that has just taken place in Switzerland. In the final round, Gina excelled under the support of Corinna’s mother, Mick’s younger brother, grandfather Rolf Schumacher and grandmother Gabriele Betsch. The skill of controlling the horse well and beautifully helped Gina received the warm applause of more than 1,400 spectators.

Gina is 20 years old, but has been practicing horse racing for 5 years. Schumacher’s eldest daughter regularly participates in horse riding tournaments hoping to step into the professional playing field in the future. Mick, the younger brother, is more famous than his sister when he embarks on the path of his father. The 18-year-old driver is currently a member of the Formula 3 racing team Prema Powerteam. Mick is now in the sights of Ferrari’s famous Formula 1 team. In the near future, the son of the legendary German racer will appear on the playground where his father has won the world championship seven times.

The sports success of Gina and Mick is a great comfort for Corinna, who has suffered a lot since his husband had a tragic accident on a skiing road in December 2013. in Meribel (France). For the past 4 years, Corinna has been staying by her bedside every day, waiting for miracles to happen. After a traumatic brain injury, Michael Schumacher escaped from a coma in 2014, but he was still bedridden and unable to communicate.

The outstanding success in the sport of the two children is the greatest consolation for Corinna Betsch Schumacher – the wife of the ill-fated racer has suffered a lot of loneliness and hardship since Michael had a tragic accident on a skiing track . For many years, Corinna was always with her husband and applied physical therapy in the hope that Michael would be able to communicate again soon.