What parents should know about horse riding for kids

Your child might love the ideas of owning and riding ponies just like imagine on the bedroom wall’s photo, but before committing to riding lessons, teach them that horse riding is more than just a fun recreational activity but also can be a dangerous (and expensive) hobby

Even if your child begins by riding on the smallest, slowest pony in the stable, it’s worth to remember that horses are temperamental beings. You must be aware of that and sign an indemnity form. You must make peace with being falls and injuries, and prepare to invest into protective gear. 

Talk to a certified instructor

Before registering to a riding school or a lesson package, talk to a couple of instructors to ensure your child is physically and emotionally ready for lessons. While riding lessons can benefit a child in many ways, make sure that they are physically strong enough and emotionally mature enough not to lash out in anger at a horse when things don’t go their way.

Teach your child to be responsibility

If your children start begging for her own pony, make sure yo teach them the tremendous responsibility of caring for such demanding animal. Let her observe the entire process at the stables, including cleaning the stables and grooming the horse, etc. So that they understand everything that riding entails, including safety and caring for a pony. Your child must know that a real horse is a different story from those on the bedroom walls.

On your own visit each riding school before making your decision. Carefully observe and research the riding schools in your area, asking plenty of questions about the safety standards and possible hazards before settling. 

Let the children stay around horses before riding to see how your child reacts around them first before making a decision. Teach them that horses can be gentle but they won’t respond well to loud noises and sudden movements

The best secret for choosing thoroughbred horses

Purebred horse racing is one of the world-famous horse breeds. This breed is well cared for current horse races. However, among those powerful horses, there are still modest horses of health.

It is difficult to choose a good thoroughbred horse breed. Almost only those who have rich experience really choose a good horse. However, it is not like there is no way for people to find a true racing horse. As long as you care about the horse’s health system and know how to ride a horse.

Specifically, when choosing thoroughbred horses you need to go directly to each horse frame to observe. It is best to choose the male horse, tall figure, tendon. The flesh in the ankles is firm, the legs are straight and the slender part is. In particular, the horse’s front chest must be well-developed, the muscular neck and the neck should not be too high. Because they are physically fit, run fast and are individually trained daily.

when choosing thoroughbred horses you need to go directly to each horse frame to observe. It is best to choose the male horse, tall figure, tendon. The flesh in the ankles is firm, the legs are straight and the slender part is. In particular, the horse’s front chest must be well-developed, the muscular neck and the neck should not be too high. Because they are physically fit, run fast and are individually trained daily.

Moreover, when choosing thoroughbred horses, you should also consider horse mane. The horsehair must be of moderate thickness, the hair will grow evenly, and when touched, it will feel smooth. In addition, the horseshoe system is also notable when choosing horses. You need to observe, is this horseshoe part firm and chipped? If the horseshoe is round and sharp, when running the horse will operate faster and more complete.

There are many opinions that the age of the horse is not related to the selection of thoroughbred horses. However, this idea is completely not true with the secret to choose racing horses. Because age will greatly affect the racing process.

For example, if the horse’s age gets older, the horse’s health diminishes. At this time their resistance becomes weaker and very susceptible to disease when the weather changes. This problem will greatly affect the running speed of the horse during the race. So to determine the age of thoroughbred horse must do? Of course, you need to take care of the horse’s teeth system.

Each jaw will have about 20 primary teeth. This includes 6 milk teeth, 6 molars, 2 canines and 6 teeth near the jaw. As for horses aged 9 months, there are a total of 28 main teeth. Each molar will have 14 teeth including 2 canines, 6 incisors and 6 teeth near the jaw.

Although this method of determining the age of a thoroughbred horse is somewhat inaccurate. However, despite the difference, it is only from 1 to 2 years old. So experts often determine the age by this way.

Top reasons to take up horse riding

Do you know that horse riding can have great health benefits, especially when you feel a little blues as it has the ability to putt a smile on your face.
In this article, we will talk about all the reasons why adults should take up the sport.

  1. Exercise
    Horse riding can actively lift our mood, reduce stress and anxiety, improve our physical health, at the same time recharge our energy. All that has been proven in research commissioned by the BHS. In fact, just half an hour of horse related activity, is classed as moderate exercise, which even exerts more energy than playing badminton.
  2. Mental health
    Exercising and spending time with animals can raise levels of the mood-enhancing hormone serotonin, which is good for your body, brain and emotions. Research also shows that psychological benefits of interaction with horses is enormous.
    Riders felt more cheerful, relaxed and happy at the same level as discovered anecdotally. Horse riding can manage negative feelings relating to anxiety and depression; at the same time, help with stress reliever and confidence issues.
  3. Core strength
    In order to stay balanced in the saddle you’ll have to learn how to engage your core muscles, so basically your physical heath is improved. Additionally, horse riding is a full body workout which helps to increase our balance as well as our posture as the more regularly you ride.
  4. Burning calories out of the saddle
    You constantly burn calories as you are on the horse as well as off the horse and back at the yard no matter you’re mucking out, grooming, pushing wheelbarrows or carrying buckets. It is physical that challenges every one who work in an office environment.
  5. Friendly competition
    Riding does have a competitive nature; however, getting in competitions can lead to new friendships. Sharing, talking while competing is a great way to expand your network.

What’s in the $ 6 million Melbourne horse racing tournament?

Every year, on the first Tuesday of November, the whole of Australia will be shut down for 3 and a half minutes. Why is there such a strange thing? Check out Melbourne’s renowned Melbourne trophy race!

Melbourne Cup Horse Racing is worth up to $ 6 million. There will be about 24 horses participating in the cup competition. The race will take place over a distance of 32 km. This is a handicap competition (for all sides to weigh). The horses will be given additional weight on their backs to ensure that all competitors have the same chance of winning.

This tournament has a long history. The Melbourne Cup was first held in 1861. Since then, the Tournament has been regularly held every year and only ceased operations during World War II. To this day, it was chosen to be held on the first Tuesday of November.

Cup Day is part of a horse racing festival that includes events such as The Derby on the previous Saturday, Oaks Day on the Thursday after Cup Day and Stakes Day as the end of the festive season.

Do not think this festival is only for horses or horse lovers only! Melbourne Cup Day has been considered a public holiday for the whole of Victoria since 1873 and has officially been an annual public holiday since 1993 and is regulated in Australia’s Official Holiday Law.

Not only the best horses, professionally trained in Australia, but many other countries around the world can participate in this festival. In 2014, 31 foreign horses from Japan, France, Germany, and New Zealand were sent to the Melbourne Cup.

Because of this, the Melbourne Cup is not only a festival encapsulated within the framework of one country but is well received and enthusiastically joined by many other countries.

The trophy for the winning horse is not cheap at all! The trophy is worth up to $ 175,000, made from 18 carats of gold. The sole is made from Australian mimosa wood. Each year, the trophy will be renewed to give the owner of the winning horse. There are also two other trophies worth about $ 10,000 for the trainer and the horse rider.

Bareback Horse Riding (part 1)

Bareback horse riding is a great exercise  to build your strength and fine-tune your balance. If you have ever rode that way as you were a kid before switched to a saddle, still, the balance and confidence you have gained riding bareback will carry over to riding in a saddle, and besides bareback is a great. 

The first and foremost when riding bareback is safeness. You must make sure that your horse is “bareback-friendly,” otherwise, borrow one that is. At first, practise initially in a round pen or other enclosed small space for extra control. Remember to use protection gears such as a safety helmet, a bareback pad, mane, etc. although you can skip the spurs. A mane is a must in the beginning to avoid jabbing your horse in the mouth or gripping with your legs.

The very next thing to do is developing balance. You should relaxed, rely on balance, not leg grip, to stay on and follow your horse’s motion. How simple, isn’t it. Of course, it takes considerable know-how and practice. 

Here’s how to get started:

First, sit upright making sure that your position without a saddle should be similar to a correct position in a saddle. Don’t lean forward, drape’ your legs and allow them to lengthen, and lie naturally against your horse’s sides, without clamping or even wrapping them around his barrel. Keep your toes raised slightly or at least as high as the level of your heel.

Once you sit upright with relaxed legs, walk and jog on a straight line as much as necessary to begin developing a feeling of security. Whenever you feel tippy or slippy, grab mane—don’t grip with your legs.

Now you know the basic, it will take time to get familiar with the technique, however, as soon as you master them, you will greatly enjoy it.

A basic guide on how to ride a horse for beginners

Horse riding requires the user to be extremely observant and know how to coordinate the movements. Especially when riding horses, players need to be very skilled or it will be very easy to get injured.

So what do people who start playing this sport do?

Prepare riding horses and equestrian protection equipment

In order to perform the equestrian technique, of course you need to prepare the equestrian.  

Find an instructor to help you understand how to ride and choose thoroughbred horses. Then try experimenting with talking or talking to horses.

Learn basic riding techniques

In the opinion of the teachers, the basic riding technique in general is quite difficult. Because they don’t just depend on the will of the rider. It also depends in part on how to capture tips to control the horse. Therefore, to be able to ride a horse for the first time, you should keep in mind the following main points:

Climb on horseback

You need to stand beside the horse and hold the reins in your left hand. You then put your left foot on the pedals of the saddle and then turn the right foot to climb. While climbing, be sure to lower yourself down to the saddle to avoid startling.

Keep your feet balanced

Often, many first-time horsemen use the method of riding their feet on the side of the horse. However, this is completely wrong because they will affect the horse control. Therefore, it is best to gently touch the side of the horse with the foot. At the same time, your knees should be bent and the heel lower than your toes.

Balance sitting technique

If you do not know how to sit properly, it is difficult to contact the horse. Moreover the horse will find it more difficult to carry you on your back.

Therefore, to be effective, sit upright and create a 90-degree angle and heel on the pedal. If you find it difficult to recognize, you can imagine having a straight line behind you.

Wear protective gear before riding

The equestrian technique is also one of the interesting issues about how to ride without falling and how to choose a pure horse when riding without harming you. So how to make love cards to see if it is good for you or not to find a suitable mate for you is not a difficult problem, as well as finding a pure horse with you to learn horse riding is not easy.

Manual horse control by the body

Body-rearing is a horse control technique when cornering. To perform this technique, you need to use the pelvic floor muscles to indicate the direction of running. Drive your pelvis forward or backward to encourage the horse.

Things to know about Horse riding

Horse riding, also known as Equestrianism or horseback riding, consists the disciplines of riding, driving, or vaulting with horses. This use of horses might vary from practical working purposes such as transportation, police work or for controlling herd animals on a ranch; public service, in traditional ceremonies (parades, funerals), police and volunteer mounted patrols and for mounted search and rescue; recreational activities such as fox hunting, trail riding, or hacking; artistic to cultural exercises, and competitive sport, including dressage, endurance riding, eventing, reining, show jumping, tent pegging, vaulting, polo, horse racing, driving, and rodeo. Besides, there are some popular forms of competition are grouped together at horse shows and in other types of exhibition such as historical reenactment or ceremony, often pulling carriages and for therapeutic purposes both in specialized para-equestrian competition as well as non-competitive riding to improve human health and emotional development.

There’s no record of the the exact date horses were domesticated and first ridden, the best estimate is approximately 3000 – 3500 BC., near the Dnieper River and the Don River, people were using bits on horses, as a stallion that was buried there shows teeth wear consistent with using a bit. However, the most unequivocal early archaeological evidence of equines put to working use was of horses being driven as working animals in 2500 BC. In ancient times, the horse played an important role throughout human history all over the world, both in warfare and in peaceful pursuits such as transportation, trade and agriculture. Horses lived in North America, but died out at the end of the Ice Age and were brought back to North America by European explorers, beginning with the second voyage of Columbus in 1493.

Horse riding or Equestrianism was then become a form of sport and was introduced in the 1900 Summer Olympics as an Olympic sport with jumping events.

The Chinese learn to ride horses to affirm the upper class

Equestrian clubs are booming in China to meet the need to pursue aristocratic sports of the country’s upper class.

Horse leather boots lined up on the carpet, pictures of hungry hunting dogs hanging on the wall, fountains emanating from the mouth of the rock horses.

This setting is not in the upper part of the UK, but in fact on the outskirts of Shanghai, in County Down Club, the first exclusive membership club in China for horse riding and fox hunting.

The club, named after a county in Northern Ireland, was founded three years ago. Owner Steven Sun says the equestrian sport has grown rapidly in China over the past 5 to 10 years.

“I think it’s a change in perception”, the 32-year-old said. Sun started to enjoy horse riding while studying in England.

According to AFP, the number of Chinese participating in sports such as horseback riding is increasing as the development of the world’s second largest economy gives people the disposable income available to pursue recreational activities.

County Down has dozens of horses and Sun wants the club to be at the forefront of promoting equestrian sports in China. The club has an indoor pool, gym and piano not only for entertainment but also for socializing and making friends.

County Down has about 80 members with an annual membership fee of 58,000 yuan (US $ 8,400). However, in the future, those who want to join may not just need a very thick wallet.

“We expect our members to have good qualities and manners or to have elites with high levels of education”, Sun said.

“That will ensure the exchange between members of equal rank. One of the benefits of the club is that the members can leverage to promote each other.

Sun said he also facilitated members to interact outside of China. He once took members to hunt foxes with European nobility. He also has four race horses in France.

$4.8 million for the winner of a horse racing course

The 12 fastest horses on the planet will compete in the world’s largest prize-winning race in Sydney, Australia.

The Everest horse racing tournament, held at the Royal Randwick racecourse in Sydney, this year has a record high prize money of – 9.6 million USD, of which the winner will win 4.8 million USD.

This means that the tournament is only less valuable in prize money compared to the other two horse racing competitions, both taking place on the ground, namely the Dubai World Cup – $12 million and the Saudi Cup – $20 million, according to CNN.

The race took place on October 19. This year is only the third year to be held, but the event attracted thousands of spectators as well as the participation of international pop star Kelly Rowland, the focus of the post-race music performance.

Everest horse racing requires participants to buy interest at one of the 12 starting gates for about $ 400,000. Those with a capacity can then use their own horse to compete or negotiate with other horse owners to rent and share if winning.

The horse named Redzel of Australia has won for two consecutive years 2017 and 2018. It will return to the track this year with the expectation of a third victory.

“This is a challenge but I believe it will do it. It has been stronger than it has been in the past two years. It simply looks very outstanding”, said horse trainer Paul Snowden.

The draw decided which horse at which gate to take place was dramatic when the color of the horse rider was shown on Sydney Harbor Bridge.

The crowd does not have to follow strict dress codes like Royal Ascot, but is encouraged to wear as best they can. Only those in the member area are required to wear the rule: men wear suits and women must follow the solemnity and tradition of the event.

How horses communicate with humans

When asked about how horses and humans interact with each other, it is likely that most people will only think of the image of a rider sitting on horseback, clutching the reins and urging the horse “Go!”.

In that picture, the person is the transmitter and the object the recipient is. The animal is expected to obey the given command and do nothing else. However, horses are not passive creatures that were born to be part of a one-way communication with humans.

Kết quả hình ảnh cho cưỡi ngựa

In fact, they have their own motivations, desires, and emotions, the things they try to convey when interacting with people. There are many recent studies that have shed light on horses’ ability to understand and communicate with their caregivers. This article will analyze current science-based insights into the different ways horses communicate with the humans around them.

Humans began to domesticate horses around 4,000 to 3,000 years before Cong Nuyen. Smith, a horse cognitive and communication researcher, said that the herd’s natural herd behavior could be the basis for domesticated: “Horses are highly natural herds, they also evolved towards colonies and is a good communicator. This herd may have facilitated domestication, helping them to overcome the species barrier to understand human signals.

Kết quả hình ảnh cho cưỡi ngựa

Once horses were domesticated, their close and regular interaction with humans could have spurred a greater development in the ability to communicate between species. This includes the ability to evaluate the human facial expression of a horse, something Smith has studied thoroughly.

In recent experiments, Smith and her team showed 28 domesticated horses a picture of a human face. Faces have different expressions, expressing emotions like happiness or anger.

Smith found that photos of angry faces caused negative reactions in horses. Their heart rate increased significantly and they stared at the picture with their left eye. In the mammalian brain, what the left eye sees is processed in the right brain, which specializes in dealing with negative stimuli.