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Racer – Interesting stories of horse racing athletes

Horse racing is a sport that has survived for many centuries. This is considered the most unique and magnificent Royal sport. Currently, horse racing is being paid special attention by Western countries. According to, because it offers many wonderful and interesting things not only for riders – athletes. But they also give special people more new hopes.

But to become a real horse driver is really difficult. Because horse drivers need special experience and learn many problems. In it, for example, how to climb on horseback, sitting posture so that it is comfortable, how to pull the reins. Or how to interact and control the speed of a racing horse.

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In particular, riders need to know how to handle situations during racing. Otherwise they will greatly affect the racing process and make the operator easily injured. In the world in general there are many famous people in this horse racing field. Among them are the legendary athletes such as Pippa Funnell, Charlotte Duardi, Mary King, Reed Kessler, Beezie Madden.

In particular, riders need to know how to handle situations during racing. Otherwise they will greatly affect the racing process and make the operator easily injured.

In the world in general there are many famous people in this horse racing field. Among them are the legendary athletes such as Pippa Funnell, Charlotte Duardi, Mary King, Reed Kessler, Beezie Madden.

In the tiny country of Haiti to help disabled children, autistic children with horses have been formed. Here the athletes have built a riding area for people with disabilities. They helped the children directly contact and experience this exciting sport. During the riding process, the athletes will guide and tutor them. The time that they can practice riding is between 15 and 30 minutes.

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After practicing, they can confide and talk to the horses. This will help you have more passion, hope and release your body. To help you be more optimistic in this arduous life. Moreover, horse riding is a very good treatment for the body. They can help relax the tendons, create concentration and support autism treatment.

Number 1 in the United States: The racing horse won $ 8.6 million

The famous American race horse named American Pharoah is about to retire after becoming the first horse in the US to win the Grand Slam noble award on horse racing. So far, this horse has won many awards with a total value of up to 8.6 million USD.

On October 31, horse rider Victor Espinoza rode American Pharoah and won the Breeders Cup Classic at the Keeneland horse race. After this race, American Pharoah officially stopped his horse racing career after successively setting records for horse racing.

The horse was also the first horse to win the grand prize named Grand Slam after he won four consecutive awards at horse races, including a Breeders’ Cup and three other prizes at Kentucky Derby horse races. , Preakness Stakes and Belmont Stakes.

Chú ngựa American Pharoah và giành giải Breeders Cup Classic tại cuộc đua ngựa ở Keeneland

Pharoah was the first horse to win three consecutive prizes during 37 years, and was also the first horse to win this achievement since the Breeders’ Cup was first held in 1984.

Pharoah’s achievements also bring glory to the owner of this horse, the Zayat family. They transferred the custody of American Pharoah to the Coolmore horse breeding organization at an undisclosed price for Pharoah’s victory at the Kentucky Derby, accompanied by terms if Pharoah was honored three times in a row. And in accordance with this agreement, Pharoah will be transferred to Coolmore after he won the Breeders’ Cup.

Many long-time horse racing and horse-owners have campaigned for Pharoah to retire after three consecutive victories to avoid the risk of injury to the horse. However, the Zayat family insists that Pharoah is a super rare winning horse and can restore horse racing if it continues to win. And finally they were right.

Zayat said, Pharoah officially retired on Monday (November 2) and the horse had awards worth $ 8.65 million during his racing life. Among them, $ 8.2 million was won in 2015 – Triple Crown worth more than $ 4 million and the Breeder’s Cup prize was $ 2.75 million.

When retired, American Pharoah will rest at the horse farm in Versailles, in the state of Kentucky.Pharoah will start mating in February 2016 and Zayat said the cost for each mating is about 200,000 – 250,000 USD. It is estimated that Pharoah will bring in more than 20 million USD per year from breeding.

Horse riding around sightseeing in Mongolia

We took a 14-day road trip on the following route: from Ulaanbaatar to the North, then back to the center. In it, there will be four days of cowboy riding. As I read the route, the old German couple, our companion, turned pale and told him the guide, “Can we ride instead of riding?”.

The guy is okay constantly, as if he has become accustomed to the fact that he did not fight back. I was also trembling when I thought of the four days of traveling by horse, but maybe the twenties seemed to be as panicked as the other two uncles?

In the first stage, we rode horses in Khuvsgol National Forest. If you ask where it is, I would say it is a Siberian pine forest, there is a large lake called Khuvsgol in the forest, and in winter, the lake will freeze.

Just run the car and go there for a few dozen kilometers, you will reach the Baikal lake of Russia. In fact, Khuvsgol and Lake Baikal lakes are two twin lakes, only that Mr. Baikal “gluttons” should be a little fatter.

ca phe du lich, quan ven duong, du lich hoan my, dulichhoanmy

But right after 15 minutes of climbing the horse, I knew I was wrong. I think I can ride a horse for months. But like that roller skate, once you have taken the rule, you can go, then you will never fall again. And now, we just look at the sky and clouds, enjoy the summer Siberian pine forest full of flowers and grass, sometimes there is a clear stream crossing, it is cold and the air is clear.

Do not be afraid to give your beautiful horse a few shots to your butt if it keeps going back and forth to eat grass once, pee a little, poke. This game will repeat forever and you will never get anywhere, if you keep giving it up forever.

I originally loved my gentle, white-eyed horse, but after this he did so, as a result, I fell behind because it kept eating, eating and eating. So he asked me to give me a whip, and signaled me to punish him. Things are improved soon after.

Yabusame rite – Horse riding archery is the first step to becoming the “god of war” part 1

Yabusame is a type of archery mounted in traditional Japanese archery. An archer on a running horse shot three consecutive special shots at three wooden targets. This archery style dates back to the beginning of the Kamakura period. Minamoto no Yoritomo panicked because of the lack of archery skills that the samurai had. He held yabusame as a form of practice.

Today, the best places to watch yabusame performances are at Tsurugaoka Hachiman-gū in Kamakura and Shimogamo Temple in Kyoto. It is also performed in Samukawa and on the beach at Zushi, as well as other locations.

Yabusame ( 流 鏑 馬 ) là một loại hình bắn cung gắn kết trong bắn cung truyền thống của Nhật Bản

The Japanese people have returned to prehistoric times – Joon period. The long, unique bow style is not asymmetrical with the center clamp under the Yayoi culture. Bows has become a symbol of power and power. The first legendary Emperor of Japan, Emperor Jimmu, is always portrayed with a bow.

The use of the bow was traced until about the 4th century when elite soldiers fought on horseback with bows and swords. In the 10th century, samurai will have archery gunfights on horseback. They will ride together and try to shoot at least three arrows.

These duels do not necessarily end with death, as long as the honor is satisfied. One of the most famous and famous events of the shooting in Japan occurred during the Genpei War, a struggle for power between the Minamoto and Taira patriarchs greatly influenced literature. Japanese culture, society and politics.

Yabusame ( 流 鏑 馬 ) là một loại hình bắn cung gắn kết trong bắn cung truyền thống của Nhật Bản

At the Battle of Yashima, Heike, defeated in battle, fled to Yashima and boarded their boat. They were attacked violently by Genji on horseback, but Genji was stopped by the sea. When Heike waited for the wind to be right, they produced a fan hanging from the mast as a target for any Genji archer who shot in a gesture of confrontation between enemies.

One of Genji’s samurai, Nasu no Yoichi, accepted the challenge. He rode his horse to the sea and shot the fans cleanly. Nasu has won many fame and his achievements are still held to this day.

Come to Japan to see the Archery Horse Riding Festival

Autumn is the peak season of Japanese tourism not only because of the natural scenery, but the love poems are collected but also because in this period there are many special festivals. Yabusame festival is one of the autumn festivals of Phu Tang, attracting a lot of visitors’ attention.

Yabusame originated in the 6th century, when the situation in the country was more chaotic and difficult. Before this situation, the emperor prayed at a temple and he rode on a horse and shot at three targets as a prayer for the country to be at peace.

Một kỵ sĩ nhắm bắn vào tấm bia đầu tiên. Ảnh: Internet

The Kamakura period (1192-1338) marked the beginning of the application of samurai rules in Japan. When the government gave full authority to Kamakura at the end of the 12th century, Yabusame rituals were performed at almost every major festival in the country and became a meeting. Official annual ceremony.

Yabusame festival is seen as a way for nobles to train their samurai, but has gradually developed into a religious ritual. The tournament is considered a sacred event and the archers are led by a Shinto priest to the starting line. Initially, the competition was how nobles trained their Samurai.

However, even now, women can participate in the competition. To complete their test, each archer must hit three arrows on the target while riding a horse. Therefore, this new festival is called Archery Horse Riding.

Các kỵ sĩ phải cưỡi ngựa chạy với tốc độ cao trên đoạn đường 255 mét và bắn hạ 3 tấm bia dọc đường. Ảnh: Internet

To this day, all preparations for Yabusame are not different from the rituals that were first held in the 12th century, from costume suits, Katana swords to bows and arrows to recreate a historical period of the Land of Tang. On the race, the knights had to take down three wooden steles one after another along the racetrack.

Those steles that are mounted at the altitude represent a weak point of a cavalry: head or eye, about 2 meters above the ground, just below the hat. The first beer is mounted 30 meters from the beginning of the racetrack, the second, 75 meters after the first beer and the last 75 meters after the second.

The three judges will award the archers based on the number The target is hit. The prize for the winner is a white cloth, symbolizing the blessing that comes from the Shinto gods.

The fever rode the horse story sticks of Finnish girls

The hobby of riding horse‘s story was spread in Finland after many years of underground development and is now popular both abroad.

Fanny Oikarinen, 11 years old, plays with her horse-head club. Fanny lives in a village north of Helsinki, the Finnish capital. Unlike girls who reach puberty, Fanny does not care about taking good looks and is loved by everyone. She played at home with horse-head sticks in her own world without adults or boys.

Maisa Wallius, Fanny’s friend, practiced near the house for summer competitions. Fanny and Maisa Wallius are practicing together and choreographing two parts of the horseback riding song performed by rapper Nelly’s song.

Fanny and Maisa ride horse heads in the forest near the house. When asked what kind of girls would love to ride a horse’s head, Maisa answered that it was girls who liked sports, some girls were really lonely and some might be the coolest girls in the school.

Alisa Aarniomaki makes hand-sewn horse head at home in Helsinki. It is unknown when the fever of riding a horse in Finland started when it spread for years before the adults realized.

When Aarniomaki was 12 years old, some classmates found her practicing in the forest and teasing her for childish games. The teenage girls invented the form of riding a horse’s head, in which the rider lowered his body and galloped like a horse, while his upper body was still.

“Girls are allowed to be strong and wild. I think the society began to shape them into a quiet way when they reached puberty,” Vilhunen, author of the documentary film “Horsehead Revolution”, told by the New York Times.

A little girl performed in Helsinki’s horse riding riding competition in March. Popular horse riding rides are popular throughout Finland with the national championship held every summer and Aarniomaki is an unofficial spokesperson.

Courageous and confident thanks to horse riding

The school accepts children with all kinds of diseases, but except for those with Down syndrome because the neck bone is too soft, it is easy to encounter problems when riding or falling. They were brought here by their parents every afternoon during the week after school or two weekends. Particularly on Saturday morning, the school teaches math for children to rest.

Most of them changed positively after attending these equestrian courses. They become more bold, brave and proactive. Some of them even made difficult moves on horseback but not sure the young man dared to do it. I was watching, and suddenly a boy stroked my hair and smiled. It can be easily recognized that the boy is not normal in his physical and mental state, but I was surprised to see that 15 minutes later, the boy was riding very happily and steadily.

They choose pony instead of horse because they will sit and ride easier on the back of this dwarf stubby horse. However, the temperament of the pony is more uncomfortable and difficult to control than horse, why do they still choose pony when they know that people who often ride this type of horse are difficult and prone to accidents, let alone the disabled? The answer was unexpected, it was a test of will.

Actually there were a lot of children after a few training sessions that were riding a good horse. The children who have not done so will see their friends like that but have more motivation and determination. This is just play, extracurricular activity, so there is no competition at all, but just to stimulate your will to rise. The results after 31 years of school activities proved them right.

The principal said, once there was a ten-year-old girl, she was slow to develop, she could not do anything herself. My mother brought me here and just hope my child will have a good time. My ten horse riding courses passed. One day, the mother and daughter were bathing in the public bath, suddenly she raised her hand to rub her mother’s back. The mother was very surprised, because no one expected her to do anything for herself, let alone what to do for others. The mother cried all night because of happiness and the next morning called the teacher to report and thank.

The new horse riding entertainment of Koreans

Acordding Agency Korea News, at Mirim riding club near the capital Pyongyang, North Korea on October 15 organized horse races and attracted many followers, Reuters reported.

North Korea Radio and Television Station KCT said the government allowed citizens aged 12 and over to observe and participate in betting on horse-drawn athletes in the form of lottery.

Pictures published by KCNA show that hundreds of people participated in the monitoring of horse races and recorded by smartphone the sight of brave white horses rushing to their destination.

Mirim horse riding club is planned to be developed by Korea from a military horse racing school since 2012 and recently completed, according to KCNA.

According to Uri Tours website, an American company that organizes tours to Korea, Mirim Racecourse includes an indoor training facility, seven outdoor riding classes, a motel, restaurant and room. sauna with 120 horses, including 67 Orlov Trotters, precious horse breeds originating from Russia.

Also according to the website, the entrance fee is about 35 USD, including an hour of horseback riding with a guide, necessary riding equipment and sauna access. Prices for Koreans may be lower, about 10 USD.

The head of the Korea Industrial-Economic Research Institute based in Seoul, Korea, is not only an entertaining tournament for Koreans. Mr. Na said that people often criticize North Korean leader Kim Jong-un about building frivolous constructions such as amusement parks, resorts, racetracks while Pyongyang’s economy remains difficult.

However, this is an action when the Korean government on one hand developed entertainment facilities for the benefit of the people, on the other hand created foreign currency revenue for Pyongyang.

Korea’s foreign currency earnings have recently been affected by a series of sanctions from the United Nations, which has been imposed to contain Pyongyang’s nuclear ambitions, including banning exports of commodities. strengths such as coal, textile and seafood.

Horse riding art – Royal level

The Chairman of the Federation of riding the FEI art world today is Princess Haya Al Hussein Jordan – the athlete who has attended from Asia to Olympic. The predecessor of Princess Haya is Infanta Pilar – Duchess of Spain. Before Duchess Pilar was Princess Anne of England, a star in art horse riding.

In the list of the president of the World Federation of Horseback Riding for the past 60 years, there was Prince Philip, Duke of Edinburgh or Dutch Prince Bernhard of Lippe-Biesterfeld … enough to know that this sport belonged to How noble, noble and luxurious.

In the list of the president of the World Federation of Horseback Riding for the past 60 years, there was Prince Philip, Duke of Edinburgh or Dutch Prince Bernhard of Lippe-Biesterfeld … enough to know that this sport belonged to How noble, noble and luxurious.

Art horse riding was the content of the Olympics in 1900, and became a regular Olympic sport from 1912 until now. Of course, the princes or princesses cannot compete in the style of mortals in the form of flat horse racing, they eat each other at speed.

Their play is of course a performance, a heavy art. From the costumes of the athletes to the content of the competition, from the finesse in preparation for competition to the yard to serve the competition, all exuded the elegance and sophistication of an elite game, tied associated with the royal family.

Even FEI’s award system has shown that it is a luxurious game, rather than a real sport. There is no World Cup tournament, but there is an art horse riding trophy. Then, in addition to competitions at the Olympics, FEI also hosts a temporary conference called “Olympic Riding”, which is also held every four years.

The performance is much, but in the middle, the art horse riding consists of 3 main groups. Dressage – the lightest group of content, like any other. Wanting horses to lift a front leg is the horse to follow. How much horse has to dance, walk, do basic shape, just show off.

This subject is more common in horses and people must be integrated into a unified subject. The rider wants stars, the horse understands. Because these are gentle and polite content, when women are allowed to compete in the Olympics, this is the first content they are allowed to attend.

Why do people never ride zebra

Almost in every documentary or film, storybook, we only see humans riding colorful horses that are never zebra. Zebra is a species of horse that lives in the wild, belonging to the genus Hippotigris, their connection point is black stripes interspersed with white stripes. Zebras often live in colonies in the vast prairies of remote Africa.

Going back to the question, why don’t we ever see a zebra rider like every other horse? To answer this, we need to understand the habits and behavior of this black-and-white zebra animal.

In the evolutionary history of mankind, it would be missing without mentioning the animals we domesticated. It could be cows, goats, sheep, and of course cats and dogs.

With animals that have tamed a lot of animals to serve as their needs to eat, keep warm … the common characteristics of these species are, easy to reproduce, have nutritional value or great use and almost not predators like tigers, leopards, …

With the above criteria, zebras meet almost when they are herbivores and also provide nutritional value and great use. But the most important point is that in terms of ease of reproduction, this species is not available.

They were originally wild animals with very high instincts, ferocious and hard-tempered. In fact, people have tried to tame zebras, but they are often difficult to tell, or attack other species, sometimes biting people without releasing them. So in the end, we are forced to release them to nature and abandon the intention of domesticating this creature.

In addition to the above dangerous characteristics, there is one more point that makes this species difficult to purely because they do not have a hierarchical lifestyle, or it is easy to understand that there is a lack of family structure.

What is family structure? That is the fact that each herd usually has a male head, followed by 6-7 females and then their offspring. Any child knows his position well, so if he can tame a male head, it is considered that we have a whole bunch of new horses.