Horse Riding for Beginners: A Resource

Aspects of English Riding

English riding is elegant and controlled. English riders normally wear a helmet or hunt cap, tailored shirts and jackets, pants, and riding boots. English riders post the trot. Dressage is a popular English riding sport.

Aspects of Western Riding

Most people associate Western riding with cowboys. Western riders wear cowboy hats, button-up shirts, boot-cut jeans, and cowboy boots. This type of riding involves neck reining. Western riders also often ask their horses to jog.

Horse Riding Tricks

Rodeos often include different types of exciting horse riding tricks. Some of the most visible kinds of horse riding stunts include Roman riding, the stand, and the scissors.

Horse Riding Explained for Beginners

English and Western riding are two popular styles. Both styles are recognizable by the distinct outfits riders wear. English riders post the trot while Western riders practice neck reining. Experienced horse riders sometimes complete dangerous tricks in rodeo competitions.