Interests in equestrian sport suddenly skyrocketed in China

Sales of luxury goods increased throughout Asia partly due to the emergence of middle class in China. Among the special luxury items favored by some affluent Chinese people is to own horses. VOA correspondent Shannon Van Sant reports that this lifestyle of attachment has become a new symbol of social status among a small but growing group in mainland China.

Currently China has 300 horse racing clubs and 25 racetracks. Horse project developers with $ 2 billion in Tianjin, Tianjin Equine Culture City, promised to build 4,000 stables, the most advanced horse health hospital, 150 horse training and training offices. , racecourse and clubs, and universities about horse racing. This facility is under construction. Mr. Shen Ge, lives in Beijing, a horse buyer. The daughter of Shen Qing is one of the youngest athletes competing in horseback riding in China, and international horseback riding.

Mao Zedong, who founded the People’s Republic of China, in 1949 banned horse racing and saw it as a hobby from shameful capitalism.  More than 60 years later, the racecourse, the bridge deck and the horse racing clubs are now open for business in Chinese cities. The number of horses imported from abroad increased rapidly. Mr. Maiken Jaeschke, director of the Globe Equestrian, a German company that imported horses into China, built facilities for the sport and sold tools, along with horse riding equipment. He said that:

“China has witnessed a huge increase in the world of horse riding and the market for this subject in general, as well as the interest in horses and related sports for more than 10 years or 5 years. , vigorously, the competitions are greatly expanded, people can participate and show their goodness. Horse sales have increased significantly, especially horses imported from abroad.”

Mr. Shen Ge has built a career in business marketing, but he said that his passion for horses led him to spend most of his free time in the stable. He transmitted this interest to his daughter, Shen Qing, and said that she represented the future of the market for horse riding in China. This month Qing will go to Italy to attend an international jumping horse race.

Chinese learn to ride horses to affirm their upper class

Equestrian clubs are booming in China to meet the needs of this country’s elite aristocratic sport.
Horse riding leather shoes were neatly lined up on the carpet, the picture of hungry dogs in the fox hunt hung on the wall, the fountain spread from the stone horses’ mouths.

This scene is not in the upper reaches of England but in fact in suburban Shanghai, in the County Down club, the first exclusive member club in China for horse riding and fox hunting.

The club, named after a county in Northern Ireland, was founded three years ago. Owner Steven Sun said that equestrian sport “has grown rapidly in China within the past 5 to 10 years”. “I think it’s a change in perception,” the 32-year-old said. Sun began to love riding horses while studying in England.

According to AFP, the number of Chinese people participating in sports such as horse riding is increasing as the development of the world’s second largest economy gives people the source of disposable income to pursue prize-winning activities.

County Down has dozens of horses and Sun wants this club to take the lead in promoting equestrian sports in China. The club has an indoor pool, a gym and a piano that is not only a place to entertain but also to make friends. County Down has about 80 members with an annual participation fee of  $ 8,400. However, in the future, those who want to join may not only need to have very thick wallets.

“We hope our members have good qualities and behaviors or elite people with high levels of education,” Sun said. “That will ensure exchanges between members of the same level. One of the benefits of the club is that members can leverage to promote each other. Sun said that he also facilitated members to interact outside China. He used to take members to hunt foxes with European aristocrats. He also has four racing horses in France.

Horse Riding – Exciting sport for children

Come to the Pony Club club in Vietnam, the children will learn how to ride horses, overcome their fears to master this huge animal and experience meaningful lessons.  Pony Club Club welcomes children from foreign countries more than Vietnamese friends. The first requirement is that they greet and talk to the horse that they will ride. Horses are sensitive and intelligent animals. These initial familiarization steps will help the practice later.

These girls, this boy 6 – 7 years old, are about the same age as these horses. They have already learned a few sessions so they will start right on horseback while on the move because it is a way for them to practice balance. The faster you go, the better you have to master, master your own sense of fear as you walk in the wind, mastering the movements to control a larger animal than yourself.

Horse Riding, Horses, Farm, Riding, Stallion, Ranch

To be able to sit on horseback and experience the first feeling, the equipment does not require much: neat clothes, a pair of sturdy sneakers and a helmet. Not only bringing hours of entertainment and physical training to improve after stressful working and studying time, horse riding also helps players to immerse themselves in nature, while limiting the impact from the left side. of smart phones, tablets today.

Horse riding is a sport that brings many benefits to learners and players, not just health and more. We all know, horse riding is a sport that brings many health and spiritual benefits to players, the latest research also shows that this sport is especially useful for the players. children, especially children with autism.

The horse, which has been known for centuries, is a lovely animal and has always been sympathetic to humans, and now science has shown that horses bring a lot of meaning in life, especially are children with psychological problems, when riding, will help them have more positive thoughts in life.

Beckham’s youngest daughter excitedly ride horses with her parents

Harper Beckham was accompanied by her famous father and brother Cruz to study riding. The 5-year-old princess expresses a cute little expression as usual.

Recently, the busy couple David – Victoria led his youngest daughter to a riding school in Los Angeles. Harper Beckham is simply dressed with a blue T-shirt with rainbow motifs on the side, black riding pants and a black helmet. The girl with twintails is lovely.

Harper Beckham is “picked up” the beauty of both parents. The white skin, the lovely innocence, the child of two global celebrities makes Harper one of the most popular babies. Beckham’s daughters are gifted in aristocratic sports when constantly performing movements in an easy and accurate way.

With the help of her personal trainer, Harper rode her horse walking around the training ground, then raised her arms to the side and walked around without a reins. She kept looking at her parents and brother and beaming. While Harper excitedly practiced, David Beckham and Victoria Beckham watched over the girl from the outside. World superstar couple in dynamic black sportswear.

The handsome father took the phone back to the first exciting moment of his daughter. It will be a valuable document for David Beckham to show Harper later. Cruz’s brother also accompanied his parents to cheer and encourage his youngest sister. Beckham’s 12-year-old son happily observed his sister from afar.

She is the only daughter in a large family, Harper Beckham is petty like a princess. Many times fans caught the 5-year-old girl, who was pampered by her parents and brothers, spoiled with all the ink. Last week, former British player and son Cruz also brought Harper to nail at a salon in Beverly Hills. Beckham himself revealed he was extremely strict with his three sons but “lost all authority” before his youngest daughter.

What to prepare before joining the horse riding sport

Horse riding is a difficult sport. It requires the rider to coordinate the movements and coordination with the horse in order to be able to ride the horse in the best manner and avoid injury (horse falls).

Before entering the training ground, participants must wear helmets, shoes, and hand warmers to help avoid any possible injury during training. At the same time when sitting on the saddle, people start their hands, head, neck, shoulders, hips to avoid possible injuries during the practice.

Booting takes a lot of time. Before riding, the participants must perform the horse’s warm-up movements such as turning hands, shoulders, neck, and at the same time, the trainees are also trained to reflect the fall postures to limit injuries.

After the startup, the trainees are allowed to control their horses by themselves. Before entering the training ground, students must wear helmets, shoes. The rider must wear a helmet and foot bands on the horse’s back and be instructed by the instructor how to use the reins and movements to control the horse’s left turn, turn right, stop.

Practitioners are led by a few horses around the yard, horses are firmly secured in the yard and they will stay with the students throughout the session to keep the balance and balance. Each trainee chooses a horse for himself and then joins himself.

Basic exercises such as holding the horse, keeping the horse steady, turning the horse to the right, turning left. When training, the most difficult work is balancing on horseback. The 360 ​​degree swing on the saddle is the most difficult technique for the learner. After mastering the posture and horse control, groups of 1 to 2 trainees will control the horse according to the instructor’s order such as: horse riding, go round, go straight. For children, the lessons are games that incorporate balance measures: close your eyes, sit on horseback, stand, lie on horseback.

The dog with a knack for horse riding does not need a riding rope

Not that this dog has any special talent but only the friendship between it and a horse that helped both make the extraordinary things that few people can believe.

Jack Russell Dally is perhaps the only dog ​​in the world capable of horse riding and especially without the reins. But the secret behind this dog’s talent turned out to be a beautiful friendship with the love horse that’s called Spanky.

Spanky was a poor horse who was saved by owner Francesca Carson eight years ago. Initially, this horse was not friendly and very aggressive. Even Spanky was overweight and had to practice under a special healthy program.

During this time, Dally also was saved by Francesca and was always side by watching Spanky practice. One day, Dally’s boss Francesca Carson was curious to see how friendly the two animal friends were. Then she could not imagine that everything so was impressive.

In a way, Dally was able to communicate with Spanky and control the horse walking. They were running and dancing together. This is true, Dally was riding and on Spanky’s back and they were both very good together.

Dally was excited about climbing onto Spanky’s back. Both can combine together and overcome many challenges, including hiking. Francesca said, “It is very special to see the trust between the two animals together. The horse shows favor to his dog friend and ready to jump on his back at any time.”

Since then, Francesca has gone extensively in the United States to share with others how to maintain a relationship with horses. The Dally and Spanky couple are currently involved in many charity fundraising events with their owners.

The story of this intimate animals couple quickly spread on social networks. Their owners have set up a separate account for this two friends on Instagram and Facebook. Each account now has about 10,000 and 20,000 followers.

Autism can be cured by horse riding

The time against autism is so long and arduous. If it detects early, the likelihood of recovery will be higher. Autism can be cured by horse riding. Then, there are more opportunities to integrate children into the community and independent in their life. It has been scientifically proven to bring remarkable results to children with autism and rehabilitation. In Vietnam, this therapy is quite new but it has been applied in practice.

According to a world magazine, the child that is congenital cerebral palsy are ridden horse weekly for medical treatment. His mother said that only 3 months of training but he has made many significant changes. Exercises on horseback enhance he’s  confidence. It made him more integrated with the community and made to connect between him and this animal. According to scientists, when people walk, the pelvis will move in the direction such as: before, after, left or right. Horse riders also get this movement, which improves their mobility health.

It is said that, This method has been implemented in many countries in the world. It is very effective for both physically and psychologically. They all have many positive changes every day. Children need to be persistent. when they play horse riding, they must to overcome self, to win yourself.

This therapy helps children improve their communications and concentrations. It improves both physical and emotional health by using horse riding rhythm. In addition, this method also helps children to learn new senses such as the perception of horseshoes, the smell, and the sound of horses.

Not only learning riding horse, they are taught how to care, get to know, treat to horses. Through exercises and games with horses, the children will have better reflexes with their surroundings. Caring for horses also stimulates the thinking and emotional instincts of children those are autism people.


Unique Aquariums Environments To Put On Your Bucket List

Aquariums around the world attract many visitors and guests to experience underwater sights and habitats that were previously only view able to scuba divers in the world’s oceans. Aquariums are now being incorporated into commercial establishments and businesses around the world. They feature rare and common fish and creatures that exist at many different depths in the ocean. Aquariums can be filled with either salt water or fresh water with different underwater inhabitants in each distinct water culture. If you like fish and underwater creatures, these aquariums should be on your bucket list. Here are some of the interesting aquariums around the world that you can visit today:

  • Aquarium Restaurants – Circular aquarium restaurants are built around central aquarium cores where diners can eat dinner and watch underwater creatures swim and chase each other in an aquarium tank. Several times a day, scuba divers come into the aquarium tanks and feed the different species of fish, rays, sharks, jellyfish, eels, crabs and lobsters.
  • Aquarium Hotels – Individual guests rooms in aquarium hotels have 2 – 3 floor-to-ceiling aquariums “walls” in each room with different species of fish swimming in each. Guest bedrooms have a panoramic view of a soothing aquarium right in their room. Aquarium lights in individual guest rooms are timed to go on and off with sunrise and sunset to give hotel guests and aquarium creatures natural hours of darkness in which to sleep.
  • Aquarium Exhibits – Aquariums in many countries feature glass walking tunnels that wander through huge aquarium tanks with sharks, manta rays, and other exotic fish. Coral reefs and sea vegetation grow inside the aquarium exhibits to give smaller fish and crustaceans protection and a place to hide. Aquarium visitors can walk through the massive array of tunnels or sit on benches inside the tunnels for an extended view of the underwater life.
  • Immersion Aquariums – Immersion aquariums allow visitors to wade into water that is 3 – 4′ deep on one side of an aquarium tank. While wading in the water, the visitors can touch trained dolphins and play catch with them with brightly colored rubber balls. Visitors also have the opportunity to hold on to a dolphin’s dorsal fin and be towed around the aquarium tank. Another type of immersion aquarium features capsule-shaped pods that rise from the bottom of large aquarium tanks and allow visitors to stand inside and be inside of an aquarium without actually going into the water. These immersion aquariums give visitors an extremely close 360º view of the fish and creatures that live in the aquarium.

Unique aquarium environments have been built in many different countries around the world. They are all different and offer many companion exhibits such as penguin and seal habitats. These unusual aquariums are as educational as they are entertaining. Look for extraordinary aquariums when you travel in different parts of the globe.

Look here for more information about custom aquarium designers.

4 Things You Must Know About Your Cat Behavior

Knowing your cat is one of the most important responsibilities you have as a cat owner. This ensures that you know when your cat is sick. Once their behavior changes, this could indicate a sign of illness and you should take them to the vet. Cats won’t often let their owners know when they are hurt or feeling ill, so you must take note of their behaviors to ensure that you absolutely know when the vet needs to be called. Here are four things you should know about your cat:

  1. Eating Habits: If you have a feeding schedule for your cat, you should know what their reaction is when you feed them. Do they eat the whole bowl right away or does it take an hour or two? If you leave food out for them all day, you will want to know how often you have to fill it back up again. If you notice that there is a change in your cat’s appetite, it’s a sign that you should take your cat to the vet.
  2. Their Feces: Knowing what your cat’s feces looks like is not pleasant, but it’s important. If your cat is an outdoor cat, you should still check their feces whenever you can so you have an idea as to when their normal size, shape, and color changes. This is important because any changes can indicate a lack of proper nutrition or some other kind of internal illness that is causing it. If your cat uses a litter box, you should also be wary if they start urinating outside of it. This could indicate a urinary tract infection, which should be treated right away.
  3. Grooming Habits: Cats spend a good amount of their time grooming themselves. If they suddenly stop grooming and it becomes noticeable due to greasy and unkept fur, it’s a sign that your cat could be suffering from arthritis or other injury. You should also take note if your cat is grooming too much in a certain area, this could indicate fleas, ticks, or skin irritation.
  4. ​Sociability: Most cats are highly sociable with both their owners and other pets in the house. If you notice that your cat is withdrawn or not to be seen during a larger part of the day, you should take them to the vet. If you have a female cat, this could be a sign of pregnancy.

By knowing these four things about your cat, you can be sure that you definitely know when a trip to the vet is a must. Find out more here.

Three Tips When You Have To Leave A New Puppy Home Alone All Day

Owning a dog and working full-time isn’t mutually exclusive. The key is being able to get through the puppy stage in a way that sets both you and your new best friend up for a successful and happy life together. The following are a few tips to get your started.

Tip #1: Get a crate and a pen.

You may have heard that crate training is the key to a well-adjusted and happy dog that doesn’t make messes indoors. While this is true, puppies don’t come crate trained. Crate training works because most dogs refuse to mess in their dens.

The crate, which usually contains bedding and sometimes food, becomes the den. The problem is a puppy doesn’t have the bladder capacity to last all day in a crate, so messes will occur in the confined space. The answer is to pen off an area with a portable pet pen.

Place the open crate in one end of the pen and put your pup’s bedding and food bowls inside. Line the rest of the pen with puppy pads and provide a few toys. Your puppy will go “outside” to relieve themselves on the pads. You can remove the pads and pen when you get home and then practice regular crate and potty training.

Tip #2: Manage loneliness when you are away.

It’s wonderful if you have a job where you can come home for a little while at lunch, but this may not be enough time for a puppy. It’s a good idea to invest in a dog walker during these early days with your pup. Not only will a quality dog walker play with and exercise your puppy, they will also help your dog learn to socialize with other people and dogs. Choose a skilled dog walker that can help you enforce crate training and potty training skills. They should also have the same obedience training philosophy so your dog won’t get mixed signals.

Tip #3: Consider a monitoring system.

A simple monitoring system that has a camera that delivers real time images to your phone or computer can help you keep tabs on your new dog throughout the day. Since your puppy is in a pen, a single camera is probably enough. The camera can help you track your pup’s progress and recognize any issues. For example, is your dog spilling their water which causes them distress for several hours until the walker gets there? If so, you may need to invest in a weighted bowl. If your puppy becomes very distressed, you can even call your dog walker to see if they can get an extra visit in.